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2021 enjoys the return of the wonderfully popular tactile show CLOTH returning for its fourth year and again presented within the ever brilliant Dovecot Studios, Tapestry Viewing Balcony over the 14th/15th and 21st/22nd of August 2021 in central Edinburgh.

Currently, it's more important than ever to celebrate and support our vibrant community of textile designer makers from across the United Kingdom as we emerge out of what has been a very challenging time for many. With this in mind we would like to present to you 50+ fantastic curated textile designers who are very eager to show what they have been developing and making during the last 12 months or so.

CLOTH#21 is distinctive in combining the physical with the digital in ways to purchase from independent designer makers who specialise in making cloth or use cloth as part of their creative practice.

Running in conjunction with our 40 makers exhibiting physically at the Dovecot, we also  have a selection of links to other quality textile designer makers from around the UK who whilst unable to exhibit physically, can offer up a chance to purchase from them via their online selling site, diversifying the shopping experience for you the viewer and online shopper.

You may lucky enough to visit us in Edinburgh to view and meet our brilliant line up in person and having an online directory of makers for CLOTH#21 will give another opportunity to make that considered purchase at a later date.

Any sales made via the website remain 100% with the maker and with the Covid-19 crises still biting, our community of varied and brilliant makers still need those all important sales if their creative practices are to survive beyond the pandemic, so every purchase, big or small is very much appreciated.

For track and tracing purposes please quote 'CLOTH21' in all communication with the makers you wish to purchase from.

Thank you and enjoy!

How it works:

1. Explore our curated list of some of the most exciting makers below via the category buttons below.

2. Click on the button of each maker to head straight to their online stores.

3. When you make an order please quote 'CLOTH21' at checkout, in their comments box or when contacting the maker to let them know that we sent you.

Plus, here's your beats:

We've put together a playlist of our favourite tunes for you to enjoy and enhance your shopping experience so grab a coffee or a wee cup o tea and enjoy!

When ordering, please quote the code 'CLOTH21' at checkout to let our makers know we sent you, thanks!

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Thanks for joining us!

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation of 50 + of the best textile designer makers from around the world and we hope that you agree it is now more important than ever to support these highly skilled artisans, with many finding there varied income streams reduced to zero over the past few months with sales from retail, studio visits and workshops have been dealt a fatal blow.

We thought CLOTH#20 would also go the same way. As the year has progressed it became clear that we would have to think again. The team behind PickOneProductions have created a new event online to coincide with this brand new website. This dynamic site will host all past and future events, listing makers who have previously participated in what is now known as PickOneProductions events.

Our online space above hosts 50+ makers from around the world, giving you an in-depth view of the diverse community that use and make cloth as part of their creativity practice. As you will have seen the page is populated with knitters, weavers, printers and a few surprises! Look out for some IGTV moments too with makers who are striving to make do and carry on during this time of crisis.

To maximise our footfall and exposure to this online selling event, please feel free to share this link on all of your social media platforms informing your nearest and dearest about this new, inspiring and exciting event, which remain live indefinitely for all your textile needs.

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