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Kirsty Odds
Aberlady, East Lothian
Hopipola Handwovens is the studio of handweaver and textile designer Kirsty Odds, who works from her garden studio in Aberlady. She creates fresh, contemporary woven pieces, predominantly for use in interiors and accessories, on traditional looms.
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Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
I am a hand weaver based in Leith, Edinburgh. I predominately weave using merino lambswool, enjoying the colour variations one gets from this colourful and versatile yarn. I am enjoying examining how many ways I can interpret differing stitched marks and patterns through the medium of weave on a 32 shaft Megado loom; my pride and joy! As well as stitched marks I am currently obsessed by all things denim, sampling is continually evolving as to how I can weave these two trains of thoughts together. I will presenting another mini collection of new woven works at Winter GLOW.
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Aamos Designs (Emma Geddes)
Aamos Designs is a unique and talented textile design company, who specialise in contemporary woven textiles, owned by designer Emma Geddes, a 2006 graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. Emma is based in Shetland, she works from an energetic studio at her home in Burra. She is motivated to design original woven textiles, honouring traditional techniques, updating them to create unique and luxurious hand woven fabrics, for fashion and interiors. She is also known for her playful but confident use of colour, and contemporary use of time-honoured woven structures.
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WOVEN MEMORIES is a textile studio based in Manchester and presents two collections made of luxurious natural fibers. Design by gina collection showcases homeware and fashion accessories with innovative patterns designed and hand-woven by Gina Nadal. Made by you collection has a range of personalised fashion accessories and homeware that reflect your story in terms of a unique design to create a truly individual product. You share a story or memory. We take your words. We then create a unique design using digital coding. You choose the colours. You choose the material. We then hand weave to your specifications.
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Susie Redman
I weave homewares and wearables in my Burntisland studio, situated in a heritage railway building overlooking the Forth and across to Edinburgh. I weave on a beautiful traditional Swedish floor loom that is ideal for making my wool rugs, cushions, blankets, linen towels, runners and also scarves and wraps. Traditional weaves are given a contemporary aesthetic and are woven in natural fibres including luxurious lambswool, linen, cotton and paper, organic where possible. Sustainability is important to me and I aim to source my yarns as locally as possible and to achieve zero waste in my studio.
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Taffled Threads
I am a handwoven textile designer passionate about telling a story through cloth. Using natural fibres, my work consists of contemporary tartan designs and limited edition fabrics that are woven into scarves, blankets or turned into decorative and functional items. I am currently exploring the possibilities of the twill structure to create a variety of designs from the textured to the geometric block twills using a variety of wool, silk and cotton yarn
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